Watch “First Handjob” (the “First Kiss” Parody)


Earlier this week, filmmaker Tatia Pilieva released a video showing a social experiment where she paired off 20 strangers to kiss for the first time (catch it here). Today, we’re happy to bring you the answer to this awesome video, titled “First Handjob”. In this video, the comedy group Pimms Girl paired off a group of “strangers” and had them jerk each other off for the first time. The credits even paid …continue…

Test Your Tongue Skills with “Lick” App


For the orally challenged of the world, “Practice Makes Pleasure” with the new Lick App, an application that trains your tongue in the art of cunninglingus, felatio and salad-tossing (just me?) by licking your phone screen in order to improve your tongue game. Visit the site on your phone and start lickin’! … and if you need a little motivation, let the Queen Bee be your spiritual guide: )

Hot Guys | Jamie Dornan cast as Christian Grey


The producers of the “Fifty Shades of Grey” adaptation have tapped Jamie Dornan, former Calvin Klein model and “Once Upon a Time” heartthrob to play Christian Grey in their upcoming film. This announcement comes following the abrupt departure of “Sons of Anarchy” star Charlie Hunnam, who sites scheduling obligations as his reason for turning down the role. According to Variety, the Irish actor/model will play opposite Dakota Johnson (Anastasia Steele) in the highly …continue…



Sex. The dirtiest little word that you ever did hear. Well actually, that’s not entirely true, at least not anymore. We live in a time where you can talk about all the freaky, kinky, nasty exploits you want without the same judgements as you would have been revered with before. Unfortunately as blunt and honest as these talks about the act have gotten, the same frankness hasn’t quite extended into …continue…

Sex | Durex Vibrating “Fundawear” (Video)


Condom-maker Durex has introduced app-controlled Fundawear, the underwear that vibrates, to the world this past week. The announcement came in the form of a YouTube video posted April 17th that has since been viewed more than 2,000,000 times (half of those from the Chicksters staff alone). The promo features a demonstration by an Australian couple remotely “touching” each other using this scandalous iPhone app. The idea is clearly targeted to couples who are …continue…

Cum one, Cum all: Fun Condoms for Great VDay Sex


Valentine’s Day is finally here, and we thought it would be a good opportunity to point out that practicing safe sex is what it’s all about this and every year as you’re rolling around in the sheets with that special someone—especially when there are so many fun condom options out there! Much like the famous ONE Condoms, the Chickster crew is bringing you some of our favorite and most stylish condoms from …continue…